Thursday, June 13, 2013

A New Adventure

Early on in our homeschooling journey God laid it on my heart to be a part of a community of other homeschooling families.

Three years ago I listened and prayed with a mother of a middle school aged daughter who was struggling because her daughter only had friends that were in public and private schools.  Her daughter didn't like homeschooling because she didn't have any close friends.

God used that time to press upon my heart the importance of surrounding my kids with other children that were on a similar path in life.  As soon as Kjerstin began Kindergarten we joined a local program for homeschooling families.  It was phenomenal!  We all loved it!  The friendships she gained are still some of the closest to her heart!  The relationships that I grew and developed have a lasting impact on my heart.  Community was ESSENTIAL to our homeschooling journey.

When we moved to Minnesota I immediately tried to find something like that here.  In our city there is no such thing.  There are TONS of homeschooling families and several small co-op type groups.  But not a larger community or program to be a part of that all of my kids could meet other kids of their own ages.

This past year was a very lonely year for us.  We were new to this city as a family and we did not have a program to be a part of- a first for our family.

During the year through many obscure and various avenues- God brought Classical Conversations to my heart and mind.  We did find a community in a small town about 30 minutes away and contemplated joining partway through the year.  Circumstances being what they were we decided not to.  Which led to a very lonely year!

As the Winter days were drawing on and it seemed no end was in sight for the season I love least...we again were connected with Classical Conversations in a divine way.  So I decided to go to the website and learn more and see if a community was going to be starting in our city.

Glowing on the screen before me was a community starting in our city!  I was overjoyed...I think I actually cried.  I quickly filled out the inquiry email saying we were interested and I would LOVE to tutor.

Shortly after, I received an email and phone call.  They still needed a director!  My husband and I began the task of praying, researching, praying, researching, praying, and many conversations...until finally we could not deny- God was calling us to this next step.

In March I officially signed my Director's Contract to be a director of a community in our city!

Since then I have been feverishly working at getting the word out, talking with people, meeting with people, learning all that I can, attending trainings, securing a facility, and preparing for next year.

For many many weeks our family was the only family.  I was beginning to fear that nobody else would join.  We had more than a dozen families interested but none of them had actually enrolled.

God taught me many neat things in those days and though they were hard and a lot of work- they were rewarding.  Trust and wait, Trust and wait...sow, sow sow.

Now our community is taking off!  The families have been coming in and signing up!  We are growing and we are finding others that we can share this journey with.

I am SO excited for this next year.  I am excited for our community, I am excited for the friendships my children will make, I am excited for the friendships that I will make, I am excited for the support and encouragement we will all have together, I am excited to see my children grow in their knowledge, I am excited to be able to see them work and thrive at something new.  I am beyond excited to have found a program that aligns with so much of what I think and believe about God, education, children, and teaching.

Stay tuned for this next chapter of our lives!



Katie Jay said...

That sounds exciting. We are seriously considering homeschooling when the time comes.

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Children Deserve Families

Alicia-Marie Christensen said...

How exciting! We LOVE home schooling and are so blessed by it.

Carrie said...

I've picked you for a Liebster Award. Check out my link to find out the details.

Alicia-Marie Christensen said...

Carrie- thanks!!! I'm so sorry- I am just seeing this now! What a crazy summer it has been :)

Mrs. J said...

I see this is an older post, but I am just catching up on some blog reading. my brother is a director of classical conversations here and my kids attend a blended classical school two days per week and we homeschool the other days. CC is so awesome and I'm so glad ya'll have connected with them!

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